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About Verien Design Group

About Verien

Since 2001, Verien has been providing electronic product solutions to companies across North America.  Verien has direct design experience in a wide variety of products: embedded systems, image processing and machine vision, robotics, communications, data acquisition, motion control systems, digital audio, and other applications. Most of our expertise is applied to FPGA design and to the design of the printed circuit board that the FPGA is embedded into, providing turnkey design services for our clients that can include mixed signal and software design services.

We seek to foster long term relationships with our clients, and most of our clients have been with us for years - a testament to the quality of services that we provide. 

Verien Design Group is located in Concord, Massachusetts.

The Principal

Verien Design Group is an electronic product design company founded and run by Principal Dave Matthews. Dave has over 30 years of experience designing working products, and as an instructor, has taught dozens of engineers the art of FPGA and ASIC design using Hardware Description Languages. Dave started his career designing discrete minicomputers in the late 70's, and then followed this with ASIC and board designs for the graphics, imaging, robotics and comunications industries. Dave has been designing FPGAs since the introduction of the first Xilinx family - the XC3000 in the early 90's, and has designed all Xilinx families since that time. In addition, Dave has designed with Intel (Altera), Microsemi (Actel), and Lattice parts when they were the best fit for the application. 

What Does Verien Stand For?

Verien stands for "Verified Engineering", and the check mark in our logo is no accident. At Verien, we simulate at a much higher level than other engineers. This means providing behavioral models for all of the off-the-shelf system elements and using pseudo-code models as the stimulus source for the simulation. In some cases, we've converted diagnostics written in C to VHDL and used these to verify the design. All of this means fewer bugs (sometimes no bugs!) in the lab for our clients design. 


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