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FPGA Design Services
FPGA Expertise
  • FPGA EXPERIENCE - Experienced with all major vendors: AMD Xilinx, Intel (Altera), Microsemi (Actel), and Lattice.  Over twenty years of experience in FPGA design.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE DESIGN - direct experience at clock frequencies in excess of 300 MHz and 5 GHz serial transfer rates.  See our notes on high performance designs.
  • FPGA ADVANCED FEATURES - Use of DSP slices from Matlab / Simulink, inferred, or directly instantiated, DDR memory controllers, gigabit transceivers, custom AXI interfaces, LVDS, input and output SERDES, PCIe, PLLs and clock management.
  • COST SENSITIVITY- We've designed products that have shipped in quantity 100,000 and products that have shipped 10.  Understanding the tradeoff between the cost of development and unit cost is paramount.
  • PRODUCT EXPERIENCE - Experienced in imaging, machine vision, DSP, embedded SOC, motion control, security, and communications designs.
  • IP DEVELOPMENT - Verien can design custom IP for your product. This can be a cost effective way to develop a subset of your product, reducing your development costs.
  • XILINX ALLIANCE MEMBERSHIP - Member of the Xilinx Alliance program since 2005, an ecosystem of qualified design service and IP core companies.
  • TRAINING - Verien provides a two-day course in Xilinx design with VHDL. This is intended to be a concentrated course, almost equivalent to other 5-day courses, but in substantially less time. It is intended for those motivated to get up to speed quickly and want to get the same training in less time. The course outline can be found here
PCB Design Services
PCB Expertise
  • PCB SERVICES - Verien provides full turnkey services: PCB design (schematic capture), PCB layout, prototype procurement, and prototype test.
  • ANALOG EXPERTISE - Analog front end, signal acquisition, low noise designs, ADC and DAC signal conditioning, power supply design.
  • PCB EXPERTISE - Verien has provided PCB designs for products ranging from 30 components to 1000 components. Past examples include mixed signal designs with isolated power and ground schemes, gigabit high-speed differential pairs, A/D and D/A converters, power supplies, and with many other design specifics.
  • COST SENSITIVITY- There is a tradeoff between the development cost and the unit cost for the product.  For a proof-of-concept designs and low volume products, it makes sense to reduce the development costs.  For high volume production, spending the extra time minimizing the component and PCB costs is desirable.
Embedded FPGA Software Design
Software Services
  • APPLICATIONS - Experienced in creating custom Windows, Linux and Android applications utilizing languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, and Python. Applications have been standalone as well as control based applications for custom devices.
  • DRIVERS - Design of Windows and Linux drivers to interact with and control custom built devices such as home automation panels, IoT sensors, measurement and instrumentation, and robotics systems. Creation of high performance drivers for communication via standard protocols such as I2C, UART, SPI, PCI, PCIe, USB and Ethernet.
  • BSPs - Provide custom board support packages including bootloader, OS, drivers, and software for embedded systems. Successful product delivery utilizing microcontrollers and SOCs from companies such as Xilinx, Altera, STM, TI, and many more.
  • GUIs - Design of custom graphic user interfaces for Windows, Linux and embedded systems. Creation of touchscreen sensitive GUIs for embedded applications such as home automation and home theater systems.

Tech Notes
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