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Communications Designs

This is a sample of some of our communications designs.

4 lane, Gen2 PCI Express Card Design

4-Lane Gen2 PCI Express Card 
This client needed a four lane, Gen2 PCI Express card for a security application. Designed for a Xilinx 7-Series device, a cost effective Artix-7, it achieved a measured 1.25 GBytes/sec of bandwidth using a custom chain linked list DMA engine. The board FPGA interfaced to 8 ADCs, an LTM9008, via LVDS interfaces.  

The Real Time Data Interface 
The RDI is a custom PCI card used for real time distributed motion control systems. This PCI card provides four 500 Mbit/sec links over CAT cable for reliable packet communications, eight linked-list DMA engines which allow real-time scheduled transfers, and nanosecond-class box-to-box synchronization for distributed real-time control operations. This custom packet protocol, architected by Verien, breaks transfers into small packets to have a deterministic real-time latency, and uses cut-through for higher priority transfers. Transfers can be either reliable (acknowledged and retried in hardware) or UDP-style with a sequence number provided at the destination.  A pool of DMA engines is used to transfer between host memory and resources on any box in the system with a known latency.

Real Time Motion Control FPGA and Card Design
Remote I/O FPGA and Card Design

Remote I/O Cards 
Verien has designed a number of remote I/O cards for different clients and applications.  These cards take in slower I/O, encapsulate the I/O into packet data, and send it across an optical link at gigabit speed to the second card where the I/O is replicated.  These are generally designed with a custom link protocol as it is minimizes development costs over the use of a standardized interface.  The high-speed transceivers in the Xilinx Artix-7 or Altera (Intel) Cyclone V families provide a cost effective solution.  The slower I/O can include a number of different types of sources and destinations: UART serial I/O, A/D, D/A, SPI, general purpose I/O, relay I/O, and others.


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