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Security Designs

This is a sample of some of our security designs.

PCI Express SecurityCard

PCI Express Security Card 
This client needed a cost effective PCI Express card for a security application. The FPGA interfaces to 8 ADCs and performs proprietary security algorithms, delivering the results on a four lane, Gen2 PCI Express link at 1.25 GBytes/sec.  A custom chain linked list DMA engine was designed to deliver the data to the host.

True Random Number Generator 
Verien provided two versions of this design. The first was an embedded design based on the Zynq SOC, and the second was Artix-7 based and connected via USB 3.0. Two different types of entropy were implemented to generate the random numbers which were transferred to the host at near USB 3.0 peak speeds using a custom developed Linux device driver.  Entropy sources include noise generators and Geiger counters, used to seed the random number generation in the FPGA.  Both cards passed the NIST testing, the standard test suite for random number generators.

True Random Number Generator card

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